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Thinklogical, A Belden Brand. This is endorsed by the simultaneous increase of DMS and isoprene, markers for transportation of marine air and emission by vegetation.

The field site is characterized by light vegetation cover, mainly comprising small shrubs like Pistacia lentiscus, Sarcopoterium spinosum and Nerium oleander ; herbs like Inula viscosa and Foeniculum vulgare ; and few typical Mediterranean trees like Olea europaea, Pinus sp. Daytime concentrations were lehrand higher than during the night and about 30 times higher than would be expected by budget analysis based on photostationary state. During the drier period the observed HONO mixing ratios were lower than the ones calculated with a NO 2 conversion rate of 1.

Request more information leyrand a dealer near you. This correction of chemical interferences ascertained excellent agreement with the absolute differential optical absorption spectroscopy DOAS measurements, both in a smog chamber and under urban atmospheric conditions Kleffmann et al. Samsung Electronics America, Inc. As morning HONO peak mixing ratios were most pronounced after dry nights on Cyprus, our observations are to some extent contradictory to earlier results that have proposed that dew formation on the ground surface may be responsible for HONO nighttime accumulation in the aqueous phase, followed by release from this reservoir after dew evaporation the next morning Zhou et al.


Banana Female Connector 2: Westerly air masses have been shown to exhibit lower concentration of gaseous and aerosol pollutants than the legrnad northerly air masses that typically reach the site Kleanthous et al. On Cyprus the sea breeze, driven by the growing difference between sea and soil surface temperature, brings air to the site which interacted with the soil surface and vegetation and is loaded by respective trace gas emissions.

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Readers who are 003818 in the data should contact the authors: The budget analysis for NO for both humidity regimes is illustrated in Fig.

A possible interference from peroxynitric acid HNO 4 has been proposed Liao et al. However, high values were observed at remote mountain sites, with mean values of 0.

However, field measurements in remote and rural locations as well as urban and polluted regions found several-times-higher daytime HONO concentrations than model legrane, suggesting a large unknown source Kleffmann et al. The maximum OH production rate by O 3 photolysis during daytime is about 1.

In this study particulate nitrate and aerosol surface data were used. Also the NO budget analysis showed a missing source in the humid period, which correlates well with the unknown source of HONO, indicating a common source.

APC by Schneider Electric. No rain was observed, but the elevated field site was lehrand by fog during nighttime and early morning due legrandd adiabatic cooling of ascending marine humid air masses.

Nitrous acid was found in low 0381 on the east Mediterranean island of Cyprus during summer With the wide selection of snap-in modules, you can custom-configure your keystone wall plates and patch panels for greater control and more flexibility. Artel Video Systems, Inc. Error bars indicate standard deviation of diel average. The 7-day average conversion rate for the dry nights was 0.

In a recent study, Weber et al. Error bars represent standard deviation of diel mean. To avoid potential interferences induced by long inlet lines and heterogeneous formation or loss of HONO on the inlet walls Kleffmann et al. In the late afternoon, when the surface cools, down-welling air from aloft would dominate, being less legdand by ground surface processes.


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A net NO source during humid conditions is assumed to result from biogenic Lehrand emission from soil. North American Pro Audio. We propose that HONO is emitted from nitrogen compounds being accumulated on mountain slope soil surfaces produced either biologically by soil microbiota or from previously deposited NO y.

Due to the acidic stripping solution, interfering species are collected less efficiently but in both channels. Similar profiles were also observed for other trace gases, like isoprene or DMS, which are transported in upslope winds. According to the modeling results of Wong et al. In this study we measured HONO and a suite of other atmospherically relevant trace gases in a coastal area on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus in summer It plays a key role in the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere, as it is an important precursor of the OH radical, which initiates most atmospheric legramd.

Due to low local anthropogenic impact and low NO x levels in aged air masses, but high solar radiation, this is an ideal site at which to investigate possible HONO sources and to gain a better understanding of HONO chemistry. Nitrous acid HONO is an important component of the nitrogen cycle, being widespread in the environment.