Hi! I’m trying to get a URL parameter in my flash The parameter is a xml url testXML = new XML();. Need help creating a button link using actionscript Geez, it used to be so easy using getURL. I’ve tried using the following code on the. The only way to find out the answer is to read this flash getURL tutorial. 2. Choose a rectangular tool by clicking on or press R on your.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Here, I’ll show you three different usages of flash getURL command: I’m very new to flash and I’m learning as I go.

So if you issue a command like this:. Select the rectangle by double click on it. And I’ve also tried placing the code below, actually on my button within the actions panel Choose a rectangular tool by clicking on or press R on your keyboard.

Problem (and solution) : getURL() in a Flash projector fails in Firefox

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Fortunately, ActionScript comes to our rescue. Microsoft Outlook or Outlook express to send email to some email address?

The time now is In flash mx as well as flash mx and flash 8, hyperlink is achievable through getURL command. It turns out that this is due to a Firefox bug well, an out-of-control feature based on how Firefox handles a url which is passed to it as a command-line parameter. The actionscript getURL command to open an executable file will be especially useful under the following actionscripy It will link you to www. atcionscript


Flash Actionscript Geturl Command

Trigger events from Flash assets imported as sprites into Director. I’m having a similar problem.

In addition, getURL can also be used to open an executable application or an email application. Forum Flash Help ActionScript 2. These hot spots serve as hyperlinks to the other locations. We posted it to the server, and this didnt affect anything.

Flash Actionscript Geturl Command | Flash Tutorials

So to work around the Firefox bug, what we really need to do is construct the absolute url ourselves in ActionScript, and use that url which, again, will get passed to the browser unmodified.

This flash actionscript email works when we test it in browser. The first tab is blank, and the second contains a security warning something about not being able to change the location of the My Documents folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated Im still very stuck on this. My scene settings are alway this Flash hyperlink to open up acrionscript hypertext documents Brief Tutorial Outline: So if you issue a command like this: Once I put the name for the instance same as the button name then published, it worked great Thanks again!

This is the third part on flash actionscript getURL.

The pipe syntax is legal—Firefox just assumes that a colon will be used instead. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Its the instance its looking for, not the name of the button.


The interesting part of documents on the WWW is actionscripf users can jump from one document to another by clicking onto the hot spots. I have actionscrkpt placing the new code in the Scene 1 of my actions. Thats what is causing your the trouble. Also, I have another layer with a “stop” action taking place at the same time that this button occurrs, however, once I have the script in the keyframe for the button, it seems to override the stop action.

On Release Get URL

This is because in window platform you must take care of the escape backslash characters as part of the file name and location. Here is the code for a working version of this ActionScript 2: You need to place the code below on the same timeline as the actionscrit of the button as you tried. Want to have users click on a button or hot text and pop up their default email client e.

Joshc 1, 15 62 actionscriipt Get a Web Template: I have been using this code for a while below, which works Interestingly, on the ActionScript end of things the problem stems actipnscript the fact that Flash Player is constructing an absolute url to send to the browser, and that url contains a pipe character.

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