Entre los huesos de la 1ra. y 2da línea del tarso. Une el calcáneo al astrágalo. El cuboides al navicular. 2 articulaciones: lateral. Bóveda Plantar Antepié Arcos Longitudinales Arcos Transversales } Calcáneo- astrágalo-escafoides-primera cuña y primer metatarsiano. Articulación de Chopart o articulación mediotarsiana, formada por las que, como en el caso de Lisfranc, lleva su nombre asociado a una articulación del pie .

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In conclusion, handling Chopart injuries is challenging and artivulacion more in the delay setting. Three months postoperatively may be the time to begin normal shoe wearing 5. A study of outcome and morbidity.

Articulation de Chopart — Wikipédia

Fractures and dislocations of the midfoot: The ultimate goal is to restore alignment and length in both columns of the foot, articulacuon and lateral, getting proper congruence in the joints and ligamentous stability. The importance of being aware of midtarsal injuries.

Finally deserves special attention the combined Chopart and Lisfranc dislocation, rare but especially serious.

Introduction The midtarsal joint constitutes the anatomic limit between hindfoot and midfoot. Am J Roentgenol ; She was treated with a bandage and acetaminophen 1 gram every eight hours and was allowed ongoing support weight bearing using two crutches. Their low prevalence and the possible absence of evident radiological findings cannot justify misdiagnosis because an adequate and correct treatment is required to achieve a proper clinical outcome.


J Foot Ankle Surg ; The incidence of midfoot injuries is estimated at 3. Foot Ankle Int ; Clinical rating systems for the ankle-hindfoot, midfoot, hallux, and lesser toes. Hermel Mb, Gershon-Cohen J.

Foot Anatomy and Biomechanics

At one-year of follow-up, loss of reduction was not observed and the patient was pain-free, although she referred to functional limitation when running. There was not swelling on the inspection, there were neither bruising nor skin changes. La importancia de reconocer las lesiones mediotarsianas. On her second visit to ER also a not clear diagnosis was achieved.

Artrologia Tobillo y pie

Another important marker of midfoot injury is the S-shaped Cyma line on lateral radiographs, sign of congruence of the talonavicular and calcaneocuboidal joints.

The midtarsal is a low mobile but essential joint for proper mechanics and architecture of the foot. An open reduction was performed by a double approach medial and lateral and a Kirschner wire joint stabilization.

In the supine position, under general anesthesia, access to the chopxrt joint was performed through a two-way medial and lateral approach.

Secondly, several key points for a proper diagnosis are given with the aim of reducing cases of misdiagnosis.


Case report Nineteen-year-old woman who came to our ambulatory trauma service with the diagnosis of a sprained right ankle for evolutionary control. The midtarsal joint constitutes the anatomic lisfrannc between hindfoot and midfoot.

The injury severity was reported to the patient and a surgical reduction of the dislocation was scheduled for two days later.

Loss of joint congruence and stability in this region jeopardizes the whole function of the foot and a normal gait 7,8.

Arch Orthop Trauma Surg ; She immediately felt local pain and swelling. The combined Chopart-Lisfranc lesion seems to present significantly worse results.

Articulation de Chopart

Several series of cases of midtarsal fracture-dislocations are reported in the literature; however the data available on inveterate injuries is still scarce and its management it is not well defined. Six weeks post-surgery, hardware and immobilization were removed. A subtle radiographic sign of possible Chopart joint dislocation.