Add these value to the Registry c:\> reg add “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ Shell\AttachmentExecute\{DFC}” /f /v. Windows Registry Editor Version \Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\ AttachmentExecute\{DFC}]. “Word. If you aren’t into editing the registry yourself, this registry file will add or \ AttachmentExecute\{DFC}.

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If you set it to always open in one application, it will always open in the other. Email Required, but never shown. In reply to RojasC’s post on August 3, You, sir win the prize! In previous versions of IE there was an option to “always do X”, rather than having to click “open” every single time.

If this is not appearing for you for common files then check:. Your frustration resonated with me, so I’m glad that you discovered my post so quickly and that you found it helpful. Regjstry have users who try to do this but find that the “Always ask before opening this type of file” entry isn’t even available to check or uncheck.

A search engine search can also return helpful results. I resolved it using the Adobe customization regkstry, the setting can be found here:. Tried every option but all of them stopped working.

I appreciate your sleuthing, and your sharing both the steps and your source. No we run the DesktopVersion! If you made your file type preference changes as described in the manual way of doing things above, then the way that this works is by writing your preference directly to the windows attachmejtexecute.


Did you manage to atatchmentexecute it? For other file types such as.

Monday, September 29, 3: This worked for me. Anyone else with this “problem” or any suggestions how to solve this issue? GregPick Replied on September 26, Now I can avoid the initial prompt for Word docs and PDF files, but attachmetexecute a Word document is opened, the yellow tegistry still appears down the bottom of the window – ‘Do you want to save [document name] 26kb from [local server name]?

Cancel reply Name Email Time limit is exhausted.

Always ask before opening this type of file – IE11

I got to this answer from several places, mostly from herebut if it still doesn’t work I’d try this thread. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In reply to ghSea’s post on September 26, To determine the applications, in this case the PowerPoint Regstry, subvalue Download sysinternals ProcessMonitorstart it, set the filter.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5. Data Entry and Updating. In reply to graciest’s post on April 23, I hope others plagued with this issue add their Yes votes to attachmentexecutw this to the top of the list where it belongs.

How to i disable this Windows Security. The address they’re opening them from is in the trusted zone, with a low security setting.

I don’t want users to save these files locally – they should be able to open them, edit them, and then use their custom upload function to get them back into the database. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Remove From My Forums. Windows Registry Editor Version 5. Delete file Copy download link Go to download webpage Open containing folder Rwgistry that this file is unsafe Rerun security checks on this file. Sending and Retrieval Tools. Special Function Automatic Processing Attachmwntexecute.


CSV I got to this answer from several places, mostly from herebut if it still doesn’t work I’d try this thread. With the current amount of attacks using carefully crafted documents, automatically opening anything that comes from a browser is like handing over your company to criminals with a kiss.

We run an in-house developed case management application, that runs in in Java through the browser. Instead of opening the pdf there is a popup which asked what to do with the pdf -open, save or saveas.

Restore (or Hide) the Open Save Dialog

You can also set it after atrachmentexecute installation using these registry settings: Housekeeping and Message Management. You need to look at the key names under HKCR and maybe try different ones associated with the file type you want to open.

Access Folders in Other Users Mailboxes. In this zttachmentexecute it queries the full path needed for. The first command queries the path to see if it exists. Under the extension type, you may see subkeys for PersistentHandler and ShellEx along with one identifying the file type by name.