Here you can download and print out user manuals for Bosch power tools, not only for current tools but also for tools that are no longer available on the market. Royzee: Ok, It sounds like the lock has broken. This has a solenoid in it which keeps the door locked for several minutes after the final spin. Genuine BOSCH WASHING MACHINE Spares Parts, Every Part, Every Model, Search more then Appliance Parts, Free Delivery WFBAU

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Not sure whats damaged. See All 13 Plumbing Brands.

Bosch table starts and runs backwards slowly! Bosch Table Saw Motor Speed versanissan. Hey Tom, If you haven’t been able to remove the housing case. Once the case is apart if I get that far are the bearings pressed into the case?

Bosch Parts List and Diagram – Then remove the item number4 screws, At that point the motor housing and field should come out. A current-hum sound comes out of the the motor but I don’t let that go for more than a half second before flipping the switch off. Is it safe to just bypass the speed control, or will that cause issues with the saw? Several months ago the bearings went bad so I replaced them along with the brushes.

It is frozen up solid with a bulge on the side. Restaurant Equipment Parts Brands. Where does the other black wire go? I have gotten all the parts and rebuilt it with everything brand new. Have used and enjoyed my Bosch Model portable table saw for 5 years where it has received moderate use. When it is locked down it sometimes moves toward or away from the blade and will bind the wood between the fence and blade.


To see if the bearings on the armature have any movement in either of them. I’m afraid to put new bearings in and then have to take it back apart to find the gears need replacing or whatever. Let us know if it is loose or too tight. Thanx for your help! I am very upset.

BOSCH WASHING MACHINE Parts | BigWarehouse Spares

Enter your engine’s type number in this search field to show the parts that match your engine. Hi Rick, The chattering noise could be caused by a damaged commutator.

My guess is that you will need a new Armature, partand the field, part The motor on my table saw has started sporadically slow down then speed up. I have plugged other tools into same socket without the same result and I have plugged the saw into a different socket with, unfortunately, the same result of backwards and slow!

Hi Brad, Sorry to hear about your saw. Out of the blue my table saw stopped working. Exercise Equipment Parts Brands. Bosch Speed Control Wiring Draws more current than normal flourescent lights on the same circuit flicker, cord gets warm. No copper snot, zorch marks or signs of overheating or abrasion anywhere that I could see.


And wfbb brushes get really hot very quick.

Bosch WFB Series; Homark; Siemens WM Series Drain Pump Base & Filter Housing (220V-240V, 50Hz, 30W)

If you just need the clear plastic cover it is part number The motor appears to have gotten wet. A picture should have been taken. So I changed speed control, field, and brushes. Find Part by Symptom.

This article is a troubleshooting guide for problems and malfunctions common to most electric power tools. I think I see where the screw popped out but I can’t locate on the diagram. The connections into and out of the controller are good so I’m guessing it’s the controller itself.

The only way to find it will be to disassemble the saw and inspect the bearings. Before I took bodch apart I cut one last required piece for a project and the motor had such a tough time starting it actually bosh the blade nut loose.

The polarity has reversed itself. Bosch Table Saw shaun.

Those are all the details I can think of. Hi Joseph, I would suspect the problem to be the speed control.