Puedes reproducir directamente o descargar el podcast de este mes desde este . Descarga el libro El prisionero de Zenda en inglés y con su versión en. INICIO; Leer Importancia del Pasto Tema 22 Reproduc Lloron descargar Baubetriebslehre Mensch im Revier Prisionero de Zenda, El (Aventureros y.

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I took off my clothes and went swimming. Then repeat the verbs and the example sentences to practise pronunciation. We have to fill in these forms. Elige la palabra correcta para cada imagen. She took them off! Could you turn it on? Choose the best word for each sentence.

Pero el phrasal verb look after significa cuidarse. Mix together well and make balls approximately the size of a soup 5 -?

Rupert de Hentzau

Nuevos ejercicios cada mes. Vamos a ver si recuerdas las siguientes palabras y expresiones.


Are you going to take off your sun glasses? We have to fill them in. When does your flight take off?

Puedes reproducir directamente o descargar el podcast de este mes desde este enlace. Listen to this example: Can you look after…. Could you turn on the TV? Cada mes nuevo material. Please throw it away. The villainous Rupert of Hentzau gave his name to the sequel published inwhich is included in some editions of this novel. En el lenguaje escrito, suelen emplearse verbos equivalentes cuando es posible.

Some Cooking Verbs Match the verbs on the left with the phrases on the right. Listen to some common phrasal verbs and say the corresponding Spanish verb when you hear the tone. What does the chicken come with? Are you against killing animals? What time do you take off? Podcast del mes anterior: Por ejemplo, el phrasal verb take off 1. The king of the fictional country of Ruritania is abducted on the eve of his coronation, and the protagonist, an English gentleman on holiday who fortuitously resembles the monarch, is persuaded to act as his political decoy in an attempt to save the situation.


Cuaderno de Inglés

We have to fill these forms in. I took them off o bien I took off my clothes.

She took off all her clothes! Then listen to the examples and repeat the verbs and the sentences to practise pronunciation.

Check your answers at the bottom of the page. Place on baking paper or a 6 -? El podcast zfnda este mes se trata de una receta famosa de galletas con trozos de chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

Do not 8 -?