Editorial Reviews. Review. What readers are saying “Rarely do I enjoy a young adult series Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Descendant (The Shift Chronicles Book 1) by [Gaither, S.M., Truesdale. Alexandra is having a hard enough time being human, dealing with the unexpected death of her father and a family that’s slowly unraveling in. Descendant: Book One of the Shift Chronicles. Front Cover. S. M. Gaither, Eva Truesdale. Independently Published, Apr 15, – pages.

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The Shift Chronicles Series Audiobooks |

Check it out and see what you think! Deidre Sequeira rated it it was amazing Nov 25, Alex is quite the same, and she hates being the damsel in distress, but her knight is Kael, so who could c Books like Descendant make me want to live in that kind of supernatural world.

See all 4 questions about Descendant…. After her father’s funeral, Alex found out that everything she believed about herself and her life was a lie. I really liked Alex even though at times I felt that she was a little too stubborn, but she was nice and honest and she was loyal to those she loved, and she wasn’t this perfect girl with everything right in her life, she had her faults and problem First off, this book was amazing, I really liked the characters and the plot was good too, but just that seconds of hesitation for me to give this book 5 star was enough for me to think that there was something missing Williams rated it it was amazing.

The style and quality is the same as the first two books, so I think it is worth to continue reading.

The Shift Chronicles

There haven’t been anything between them yet! Although, it turns out, truesdwle isn’t saying much. She’s strong and knows how to deal with things on her own I was really surprised by this book, despite the book not having any romance in it at all it was really good. And I’ll be surprised if what I’m certain what happened with Lora doesn’t turn o This wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t for sure. Want to Rruesdale Currently Reading Read.


I was not too impressed with Descendant so color me surprised. Preview — Descendant by Eva Truesdale.

Alex our main heroine is such a strong character, she doesn’t let anything bother her. This only happens with books I cannot put down, or in my case, ebooks that I can’t close.

She’s strong and knows how to deal with things on her own, not wanting to except help unless she really needs too. Jul 05, Rachel rated it it was amazing.

Shift Chronicles Series

Really, she could just listen to people sometimes. Marian Sellen Google Play books.

The werewolves truezdale created by by a lycan which deacendant will learn more about in the book. The drama of unknown familial history is enticing and requires you to draw on your own life experiences whether you believe in werewolves or not! I wish they share their first kiss in the second book, and Kael would tell her how he eba about her, which he had failed to complete in the woods in Descendant.

It was Kim of weird that Alex didn’t freak out when she sees people run at freakish speed and she accepted a little bit too fast but you know, she was truesdal sane. Which would be a lot easier if one of those people trying to earn her trust wasn’t Kael, a boy who manages to be arrogant, infuriating, and entirely-too-hot-for-his-own-good all at once – and who also might know more about herself than she does. I actually really liked this book, and even though its been a couple of days I can’t get it out of my head!


The characters are well crafted and believable so by the end your really rooting for them. Alexandra is having a hard enough time being human, dealing with the unexpected death of her father and a family that’s slowly unraveling in the wake of that death. The main character did act a bit annoying at times, constantly asking questions and not seeming to come to any conclusions with herself, but I still really liked this book.

Can’t wait for the second book to come out. Werewolves can harm humans and can turn humans into Werewolves. truesadle

It was very good, it was a new twist on the werewolf thing. The Alexandra thought her life couldn’t get much worse; her dad had died in a death ruled drowning and her strained relationship with her mom only got tougher as everyone is dealing with death. A war that will force her to make an impossible choice, thanks to the magic tied to her bloodline.

An Ancient A Deadly Encounter He has a dark past on his own, but he focuses on Alex and her well being. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I am so glad I did. He brought all the drama and action with him. Other than that, no other complaints. Open Preview See a Problem? Eva Truesdale Narrated by: I keep trying to find more information, but it’s nothing I don’t know already.