[email protected] Knows, is a book that will make readers aware of how small changes in what they follow and what they choose, can have a profound impact on their lives . [email protected] KnowsShailendra SinghRupa pagesRs You know you’ve landed a ‘different’ book to review when the author first directs you to a. The blurb for Shailendra Singh’s book ‘[email protected] Knows’ gives the impression of a self-improvement book and the author seems to have himself.

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I know that a self-deprecatory person is unlikely to be too pleased by an over-enthusiastic endorsement of his views – though I certainly do not agree that he is inarticulate. Written in both first and second person, using the language of a layperson, readers will frequently encounter humour, slangs and blurred profanity.

Very straight forward truths and while the points are nothing new, the way they are brought across is pretty great!! I feel I should really jot down the F? Not a good habit but thats how it has been: What one would like to seek from life? May be the author chose not to disclose it but I was very eager to know it.

Lucky us, he has seen fit to share his wisdom in this book. You may also actually practice the Chi F? Simple philosophies of life. The moot point of the book is, no one knows why certain things happens to certain people. The same mystic talk about soul and pure heart from centuries ago repackaged for a new audience.

For sure you will define yourself after reading this bio. Want to know what the reading experience was like? According to him, he was caught in a conflict between what he wanted to do and what was expected of him. It’ll kows them a world of good.

Book review: ‘[email protected] Knows’

Once you dive into this book, you will definitely come out with quite a good number of valuable stones filled in your heart and mind. K knows about tomorrow. Nov 11, Tats rated it really liked it Shelves: Suresh Chandrasekaran April 16, at This was not according to my taste.


How many people do you know who have fame, wealth, money, family plus rub shoulders with the who’s whos of almost every field in For more book reviews, check out I Read, Ergo I Write Some people would tell you that if you don’t stand for swearing, then dont read this book. I recommend take author’s advice on reading this book and would definitely say stick to the first suggestion: Come on Inner Peace! Some books have interesting anecdotes.

[email protected] Knows by Shailendra Singh

How many people do you know who have fame, wealth, money, family plus rub shoulders with the who’s whos of almost every field in India, and still question themselves if they really are happy? We push ourselves to the limits with a hope that we will be able to control the race or at the least be on the top of it.

I went through that phase of devouring self-improvement books by the dozen when I was in my teens and still under the illusion that personalities could be quick-fixed by reading a few books.

You don’t have to keep them there: What are the total number of pages.? As Shailendra himself suggests, this book is not something you ought to read in one go.

[email protected] Knows

P, but yeah it is again a must read. The monologue in the last few paragraphs, call it free gyaan or the piece of mind or whatever you want, mnows have been dull and boring I would consider myself lucky if it is not J. He also teaches us about the Chi F?

To be fair to myself, I had formed the opinion already and was pleasantly surprised to realize that the author had recognized the fact as well. But, on the bright side, his writing is funny, so if you read kmows as an autobiography from a self-obsessed man, you may like it. The blurb for Shailendra Singh’s book ‘F? The author covers a lot of topics including body, mind, relationships, sex, right and wrong, etc… in words that you will have no problems understanding.


Safe and Onows Payments. Refresh and try again. Humble philosophies of life were being engraved in a fascinating way which makes it a worthy read. Entry from Backside Only. Mar 25, Pratibha rated it it was ok. Mar 02, Vikas Singh rated it liked it Recommends it for: Symbolically it marks onows beginning of the new-year and a new age with all flavors of life blended in one pickle!

He then realised that, though uber-successful, it was not his dreams that he had been following all along.

Book review: ‘[email protected] Knows’

Now coming to the reasons why I think you may not like the book. Go grab the book! Some of the analogiesthe examples and the incidents he sketches in the book are funny and wise beyond my age for sure. Even if you cant, just ignore it, go ahead and read it.

Are you on the right track? I was never a fan of self-help personal growth books.

Follow your heart Because if you dont then youll die unhappy,you stupid f? All in all after reading the book if you have written down Who you are and what you really want? The philosophy’s, reasons, methods and revelations done in this autobiography-cum-life guide will change your c for sure. Mostly I kind of skipped that word, Which was like skipping too many words a page: