Frederick Cossom Hollows (–), ophthalmologist, was born on 9 April at Dunedin, New Zealand, second of four sons of Joseph Alfred Hollows. Hollows, Frederick Cossum (Fred) – Biographical entry – Encyclopedia of Australian Science, Bright Sparcs is a biographical, bibliographical. Born in Dunedin, New Zealand Fred had originally studied to become a minister of religion; but during a summer holiday job at a mental health.

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It was very real. A lover of the Australian and New Zealand bush, Hollows was a voracious reader of poetry and history, and a keen chess player. After meeting the author Frank Hardy, he joined the Save the Gurindji Committee, a group of left-wing activists formed to support Aboriginal pastoral workers on strike at Wave Hill station, Northern Territory. As a consultant to the World Health Organization between andhe undertook surveys of eye health in each of these countries.

Hollows, Frederick Cossum (Fred) – Biographical entry – Encyclopedia of Australian Science

View from the Summit. During his tenure at the University he became aware of the impact of trachoma eye disease, leading to blindness, caused by Chlamydia trachomatis on Australia’s rural and Aboriginal populations. In Fred got married to a lady named Mary Skiller. He biogrpahy up as a dutiful member of the Churches of Christ and, influenced by his father, became interested in social justice. Wikiquote has quotations related to: After working a summer job in a mental hospital in Porirua, he realized that he wanted to help people in another way.

From this beginning, Fred began his journey to assist indigenous Australians with trachoma and biogrsphy eye diseases. While he never traveled the world sharing the gospel, he did bring medical training and treatment to Nepal, Africa and many third-world countries.

He is known to the world in the ways that he gave people some of their eye biographhy back. They got married after ten years of courtship. Hollows was also instrumental in reducing the cost of eye care in developing countries by setting up intraocular lens factories in Nepal and Eritrea. Environmental health measures, such as hoolows to clean running water and dust reduction, and education to improve standards of hygiene, could dramatically improve eye health.


In his spare time he had loved to ski and mountain climb with his friends because every now and then he loved the thrill. Hollows was a member of the Communist Party of New Zealand during the s and s. Recognising that poor eye health and blindness were both causes and consequences of poverty, Hollows believed it an indictment of any society that allowed the incidence of such conditions boigraphy reach the levels he observed in Biogrraphy.

In the early s the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders was pressing the Commonwealth government to respond to the critical health needs of Aboriginal people. He declined the award of honorary Officer of the Order of Australia in As a child he loved going to church with his family. Fred Hollows was born to Joseph and Clarice Hollows on April 9, in Dunedin, New Zealand, where he continued to live for his first seven years of life.

Fred Hollows was a renowned Australian ophthalmologist known for his efforts to provide quality health care for the under privileged. He recognised that most blindness disorders in these countries were due to the lack of basic medical treatment, and therefore preventable.

Details Hollows, Frederick C. Growing up, his parents were very religious, encouraging Fred to become a missionary.

April 9 He grew up in a strong Christian home, but Fred decided not to follow in his faith after working in a mental hospital, seeing that those in the secular world could be just as caring. Fred Hollows was an Australian ophthalmologist who is known for providing quality eye care to those in need throughout the world. At the age of sixty-four he died of kidney cancer at home with his family. In Julywith Mum Shirl Smith and others, he set up the Aboriginal Medical Service in suburban Redfern in Sydney, and subsequently assisted in the establishment of medical services for Aboriginal People throughout Australia.


Australian Dictionary of Biography

He highly valued school and he loved to learn. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Archived from the original on 17 February He took up ecclesiastical studies inbut after one year decided to withdraw. Don 19 April at Privacy Policy Manage Cookies. Diagnosed with metastatic renal cancer inHollows died on 10 February in his home at Randwick.

Victoria University Of Wellington. Over a three year period this program screenedAustralians. He established intraocular lens laboratories in both Eritrea and Nepal to provide lenses for those gollows need at an affordable cost.

Upon his death the Chief Minister of the ACTRosemary Follettdescribed Hollows to her parliamentary colleagues as ” an egalitarian and a self-named anarcho-syndicalist who wanted to see an end to the economic holpows which exists between the First and Third Worlds and who believed in no power higher than the best expressions of the human spirit found in personal and social relationships.

According to The Australian ‘s Martin Thomas, Hollows hpllows that some homosexuals were “recklessly spreading the virus”; therefore, the safe sex campaign was an inadequate way of dealing with the issue. The cause of his death was metastatic renal cancer primarily affecting his lungs and brain.