Scott Mandelker interviewed twenty-five Americans who claim extraterrestrial ( E.T.) identity, a he made some astounding discoveries. Focusing on personal. Sep 1, Here to help humankind, they could be your doctor, teacher. or clergyman–but they are not human. Dr. Mandelker offers a forum to 25 E.T.s. Dr. Scott Mandelker has an MA in Counseling, Ph.D. in East-West His first book , From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, has sold thousands of copies, and was.

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But do give it. I think that a lot of the people who were doing that, and a lot of the youth who are getting into very weird things, are sort of rebelling against the restrictions of consciousness in this culture. I enjoyed reading the first few chapters, but after that it was not really worth reading.

Hours rated it it was amazing Nov 13, And they do, and they are listening very carefully to you. Maybe there is something going on in the universe more than just the nine-to-five life that we are living. In my interviewwe considered the idea that there are two veils that limit our comprehension of reality — veils greatly affecting our understanding of self and the way of self-actualization.

That this is a little bit like paying a toll. And so when we look at the esoteric basis for addiction and substance abuse and self-destructive behavior, it is a little bit like self-punishment. And he was an alcoholic, and he was a drug user, and he was abusive emotionally to people around him. To learn more of what the premise of being “from elsewhere” is all about, you may wish to visit his siteswhere Dr. The whole mission of the ETs seems to be stupid as well, they all talk about bringing truth and help us spiritually.


The problems on Earth are not simply about leadership, but the mass of people who support that.

I mean, how many channels or prophets or speakers or teachers have made predictions that have fallen elseshere, and they come back three weeks later and everybody is gaga this thing once again! And just like in the Christian Bible, they say that the meek shall inherit the Earth.

Into the Matrix

That person leaves and so-called dies, and a new personality stream enters. And it is getting worse and worse. The book will be ready to ship by July 15, and if you are a reviewer, we’re happy to send a review copy.

Mandelker’s interpretation of the Law Of One five volumes of channeled work also known as The Ra Material — which he has studied for over thirty years — the Cosmic Matrix is also referred to as “the veil of forgetting”, and was designed by what Ra calls, “the One Infinite Creator” or the Logos.

Into the Matrix | HuffPost

I see tattoos on kids, on adults, everywhere! Reading this was just as frustrating as listening to some dimwit trying to say that creationism is at least on the same level of credibility as evolution if not even more likely. And they can contact you for the mailing address, I guess. In fact, he had no desire at all, and his life was completely revolutionized.

Their perspective is different. It was obviously fishing for some people who are vulnerable because of feeling out of place in the society, trying to find themselves etc. In the main, they would be called Wanderers, which means people who were born in the ordinary way but they agreed at some point to join the reincarnation cycle of Planet Earth in the third dimension.


Dr. Scott Mandelker with Jeff Rense, Discussing Law of One

Shipping is free through Septemberand when you order, please mention this offer. Yeah, and it is eminently more difficult because of the very thing that you alluded to a few moments ago.

This is how people with other discoveries managed to get their ideas accepted. Howard R Dowdell rated it it was ok Jul 02, It is basically to increase self power, material type power, without love at any cost; to infringe on free will elsewere much as possible.

He has an MA in counseling, a Ph. What is the plan for souls in third dimension. Dolores Cannon died has collected some of this same information from hundreds of her clients who have sfott regressive hypnotherapy.

He has recorded an entire study guide to the Law of One and it is available on his YouTube channel. Mandelker explains his work in great detail.

Well, I have always said, and I think that we should realize that if those who seek to maintain their power at any cost finally say that they are offering a disclosure of the real truth, we should be careful.

Open Preview See a Problem? How can I take responsibility for the parents who were not loving?