The company has grown since then to more than employees today. Our products help increase production efficiency, optimize processes and. The microDICE™ laser micromachining system leverages TLS-Dicing™.

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Strategic realignment focusing on industrial growth markets In addition work will directed to efficient protective coatings micrimac the OLEDs as well as to transparent electrical contacts which give added value to the lighting market.

At the end of the project a throughput of Wafer per hour should be reached. In a period of 10 years 3D-Micromac AG has carved out a micrromac position for itself among manufacturers of laser micro-processing systems. This should lead to an increased lifetime of the solar modules. The work is supported by five academic institute partners. The company microamc grown since then to more than employees today.

All components have to be adapted to the requirements of the new high efficiency laser processes.

3D-Micromac – Our Headquarter in Chemnitz, Germany

Furthermore a technology for cutting solar cells is especially interesting for national producers of special solar modules who can use it for the production of special formed modules. Its high throughput, outstanding edge quality and mm wafer capable platform enables a true high-volume production process, especially for SiC-based devices. Setting Worldwide Standards in Laser Micromachining.

Laser processing on-the-fly and an innovative handling concept enable maximum throughput and yield in the mass production of crystalline solar cells.

A main aspect in technological developments for photovoltaics is the reduction of cost per power of the solar panel. This collaboration will strengthen the competitiveness of the semiconductor and system suppliers to design innovative MtM and SiP products in respect to reliability, quality, cost and shorter time to market to ensure leadership in a global perspective. Winner of the Saxon Innovation Prize The system features a line scan option for vertical selective annealing and a step-and-repeat spot option for horizontal selective annealing, as well as three optional wavelength lasers near infrared, green and ultravioletresulting in a highly flexible, high-quality laser annealing platform.


For this reason, 3D-Micromac continuously works on innovative laser processes and solutions for optimizing manufacturing processes, productivity, and effectiveness of silicon solar cells.

The on-the-fly processing guarantees highest productivity and an outstanding price-performance ratio.

The microPREP systems an be used for a variety of sample preparation techniques like SEM inspection of advanced-packaging devices, X-ray microscopy, atom probe tomography, and micro mechanics. Approaches for the further substantial increase of the throughput should be developed with respect to the equipment.

Our expertise and engineering competency allow us to stand alongside our customers as reliable partners in technology and process development as well as in the development of OEM-manufacturing solutions and customer-specific systems.

The certification covers the entire spectrum of development, production, sales and service of our machines, plants and technologies. Successful market launch of production systems for the manufacturing of nozzles via excimer-laser If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Production Solutions for Innovators and Growth Markets. At the same time, traditional scaling of feature sizes in microelectronics is becoming increasingly cost prohibitive in order to add more functionality on devices within a smaller footprint.

Brittle-rigid materials such as glass, ceramic and sapphire have excellent material properties that make them indispensible for use in the production of electronics. This opens up a huge variety of possibilities and niche applications for BIPV.

Development of industrial-suited excimer-laser system for marking of ophthalmic lenses Innovative laser processes are revolutionizing industrial manufacturing worldwide.

We are one of the first companies in the world to focus on the use of microkac pulse lasers for the processing of materials. Besides the integration of laser processing, also printing and coating techniques can be integrated. What is our motivation?


Markets – Laser Micromachining – 3D-Micromac AG

They are characterized by extraordinary reliability and productivity, fine precision, and flexibility. With the provision of the technology for crack-free separation of thin glass laminates, the 3D-Micromac AG is an important partner in the project. Since we place great importance on continually expanding our know-how, we are diligent about keeping up with the latest research.

More-than-Moore MtMSystem-in-Package SiPas well as 3D micrommac integration technologies are a prerequisite for enabling the design of compact microelectronic devices e. The project will also support European analytical equipment providers, many of them SME, to explore new market opportunities, design new equipment, and to align their developments to future needs of new system integration technologies. New company headquarter Display and Smart Glasses. Micgomac use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Our aim is to provide superb customer satisfaction even for the most complex projects. Target of this project is to explore and to develop new diagnostic tools and advanced methods for material characterization, defect localization, efficient sample preparation, physical failure analysis techniques and workflows to enable reliable advanced micro-systems based on MtM, SiP, and 3D technologies for European core applications.

We Optimize your Processes! This is particularly true for silicon carbide SiC substrates, which are hard and brittle. In addition, 3D-Micromac has a fully equipped application laboratory with experienced process engineers to support customers in feasibility tests, process development, and realization of customized solutions. The utilization of lasers possessing highest beam quality ensures excellent machining results regarding surface and edge quality with a minimum of damage to the material and marginal materials loss.