AGMA 2015-1-A01 PDF

racy documents correlate as shown in Figure 1. Current Status of New Standards. In late , the new tangential accuracy stan- dard ANSI/AGMA A AGMA A01 (R). Accuracy Classification System – Tangential Measurements for Cylindrical Gears. standard by American Gear. CONTAINS ANSI/AGMA A ACCURACY CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM- TANGENTIAL MEASUREMENTS FOR CYLINDRICAL GEARS AND AGMA.

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Some of the symbols and terminology contained in this document may differ from those used in other 20151–a01 and AGMA standards.

Additionally, the formulas stated the tolerances in both U. Credit lines should read: For unilateral one sided tolerances: It is important to understand that various gear measuring instruments use different testing procedures, some measuring in the normal direction, some measuring in other directions.

Mechanical filtering occurs as the geometry of the probe i. That parameter observes only the deviation in position of the first and last teeth of each sector of k pitches. Since gear involute and helix data is normally subjected to intentional low–pass filtering, this is rarely required. Single flank composite, tooth–to–tooth cp: Future of gear design relies on overcoming present July 15, This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition ISO A filter that excludes short wavelength high frequency data is called a low-pass filter.

A master gear is a gear of known accuracy, designed specifically to mesh with the gear to be inspected for composite variation.

A New Standard in Gear Inspection

Roll path length is an alternative to roll angle for specification of selected diameter positions on an involute profile. At the other end of the spectrum are short duration irregularities, such as surface roughness.

At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. Specific requirements are to be stated in the contractual documents. Based on committee experience, the single flank tolerances shown in this standard are more appropriate for functional considerations. In some cases, measurement instruments follow the minimum requirements by default. It is a complete revision, including accuracy grades, in order to be more aggma with ISO.


Therefore the new tolerance required is accuracy grade A4. Areas that will be discussed include cumulative pitch, single flank, and composite testing.

Measurement values from elemental test instruments that measure in a direction other than normal and not in the specified tolerancing direction, require more complex adjustments before comparison to tolerances. Brad Foote Gear Works, Inc. For convenience, some tolerance tables are provided in annex A, and additional tables covering all tolerances, grades, and sizes in both metric and U.

The design, accuracy, and cost of a master gear must be negotiated between the manufacturer and wgma. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this American National Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below. In both systems, the classes or grades are separated by a square root of 2 stepping factor.

It was noted that for many typical gears mm to mm diameter and 2 to 20 modulerelatively small differences occurred between the classification systems. Accuracy grade numbers are reversed—A smaller grade number represents a smaller tolerance value and, as such, a higher quality gear.

An 2015-1-01 of the formula to calculate total profile tolerance is shown in figure 6. Fis fis cp Size: If the document is revised or amended, you will be notified by email. This standard does not provide tolerances relating these tests to gear accuracy.

A New Standard in Gear Inspection | Gear Solutions Magazine Your Resource to the Gear Industry

Annex material provides guidance on filtering and information on comparison of gear inspection methods. Applications requiring high accuracy gearing may necessitate the matching, or modifying, of pinion and gear profiles and helix such that the matched set is satisfactory for the application.


Two general types of mathematical filter are commonly available.

We will also report on current trends in gear inspection machine development and the increased capabilities that are offered. One type emulates the characteristics of electrical filters with or without afma phase shifting characteristic of RC circuits.

The primary reason for this limitation was the inability of inspection machines to measure gears finer than 20DP. Usually, a specific master is required for each different production gear design. This annex provides descriptions of filtering practices. See Clause 4 for required and optional measuring methods.

Master gears of accuracy grade 2 are recommended for verifying gear testers and checking production gears primarily of grades 4 and 5. The determining of individual deviations in cylindrical avma calls for special equipment. In some cases, 2015-1-0a1 loaded side may specify higher accuracy than the nonloaded or minimum-loaded side; if applicable, this information is to be specified on the gear engineering drawing see 4.

Please first log in agmw a verified email before subscribing to alerts. The new AGMA gear inspection is a pure metric standard—Only a few notes are included regarding the inch system.

Minus material outside the helix evaluation 2015-1-z01 may be ignored. The former separate sections of AGMA Values of the next higher or lower grade are determined by multiplying or dividing by?

Surface texture is not considered in this part of ISO Applicable definitions are provided. Helix inspection includes total deviation, Fb, form deviation, ffb, and slope deviation, fHb. The choice of filtering method and cutoff wavelength will influence analysis results. All manufacturing parameters must consider the need to produce the equivalent of accuracy grade A4 gears to meet the SPC requirements.