AWWA C Fiberglass Pressure Pipe, Includes Errata (). standard by American Water Works Association, 01/20/ View all product details. ASTM D and AWWA C requirements. Strain Corrosion Testing. A unique and important performance requirement for GRP gravity pipe used in sewer. PIPE AWWA Cpdf – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Major revisions made to the standard in this edition include the following: Both level A and level B criteria must be met. B Manufacturer Options and 6. Thus, users of this standard should consult the appropriate state or local agency having jurisdiction in order to 1. Required axial strength for aboveground pipes subject to beam bending, or any pipes that must withstand longitudinal thrust loads or any unusual axial tensile forces, may exceed the values in Table An adhesive joint that is manufactured with a tapered socket for use in conjunction with a tapered spigot section and a suitable awwz.

Pipe diameter size and series Sec. In the broad sense, the term is used to designate any polymer that is a basic xwwa for plastics. The end of a pipe test specimen with an end closure configuration such that internal pressure produces only hoop and radial stresses in a straight pipe test specimen.


The minimum hoop tensile strength properties shall be determined from the average of the test results of three specimens cut from the sample when using the apparatus and procedure of one of the following test methods: Get Latest Price Min. Xwwa feet of each pressure and stiffness class and size.

China Fiberglass Pipe Conforming to Awwa C Standard – China Fiberglass Pipe, GRP Pipe

Si shall be taken as the 95 percent lower-confidence level, back extrapolated to 0. An ethylenic unsaturated polymer with two or more ester groups, dissolved in a reactive diluent with aqwa unsaturation.

A test apparatus with a varying rate of motion may be used, provided the speed of testing does not exceed 0. Until each optional feature is specified by the user, the product or service is not fully defined.

AWWA C – Fiberglass Pressure Pipe

The OD of the finished pipe is determined by the amount of material that is wound on the mandrel or core pipe liner.

Reduced-section specimens are acceptable. How do zwwa ship the products? This takes into consideration variations in glass-fiber strength and manufacturing methods. Each random length provided shall not vary by more than 25 percent from the standard laying length specified, except for special orders.


Subsequent polymerization of the resin system may require application of heat. To ensure compliance, the following tests shall be performed at the indicated intervals, unless otherwise specified by the purchaser.


When plant inspection is specified by the pur- chaser, the manufacturer shall provide the purchaser with adequate advance notice of when and where the production of ordered products will commence. This American National Standard may be revised or withdrawn at any time.

Except in cases of disagreement, calculations from routine quality control test results need not include the standard deviation. A process used to manufacture tubular goods by applying resin and reinforcement to the inside of a mold that is rotated and heated, subsequently polymerizing the resin system. Stiffness classes described are 9, 18, 36, and 72 psi 62, and kPa. Other materials that will not adversely affect the laminate performance may be introduced in the process during manufacture of the pipe.

Glass-fiber-reinforced epoxy RTRP epoxy. Liner materials incorporated include thermosetting or thermoplastic resin, reinforced or unrein- forced, with or without fillers.

Fiberglass Pipe Conforming to Awwa C950 Standard

Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing awwaa. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time.

Deflection levels for stiffness tests have been clarified Sec.

Legislation is subject to change. Reinforced polymer—mortar pipe RPMP: