The Wehrmacht is a German army featured in Company of Heroes. Choice depends of commanders strategy, however, earlier mentioned weakness, lack of . What is the main strategy/focus of the wehrmacht? What are good commanders and why? (I tried to search some guides, but most of them are. ?show=page&name= company-of-heroes-wehrmacht-bud-t3-t4-strategy-guide-.

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Please, know what you’re talking about before you try to help someone.

Table of Contents

The Wehrmacht has more infantry units as compared to the allied factions. Oh man the HMG really helps the Wehrmacht infantry out. Trenches are the greatest static defenses in the game.

Besides building base buildings, you shouldn’t need to look at your hq area. This item has been added to your Wehrjacht. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. I Defensive Doctrine – This doctrine emphasizes building hardened defense to repel the enemies.

Although grenadiers are more experienced and more superior at fighting than Volksgrenadiers, they still can lose to these weapons. They are for 1v1 though, you shouldn’t play 2v2 and up as wehrmacht because the allies have a good advantage in 2v2 and up.

Fuel, Munitions, Victory, and strategic. This is an article about the original Company of Heroes.

The Wehrmacht has several medium vehicles, which are often useful throughout the entire battle. Next type of building is Krieg barracks,it is tier 1 at upgrade that cost manpower and 35 fuel. Are any of the non-Volks squads particularly good, like the Stormtroopers wehfmacht Grenadiers?

These points are only available in victory point control victory conditions, the standard for ranked play. Once an upgrade is purchased, it will raise the Veterancy level guie all units from several specific unit types.


As with the rest of the Wehrmacht forces, they are specialized in anti-infantry or anti-tank duty. Rayquaza Rayquaza 10 years ago 2 Check the other wehrmacht help topic for two excellent guife orders, one by the best cvoh player and one by me.

Firstly, all Volksgrenadier squads are now able to fire Panzerfausts.

First unit is Pioneers they can be wehracht in HQ. They need protection from other units, otherwise, they are very vulnervable to flanking maneuvers and indirect fire.

Btw, if it matters, i usually use the blitzkrieg doctrine.

These soldiers are especially effective in taking out large groups of enemy anti-tank infantry, which can be a serious threat even for specialized anti-infantry vehicles. Your PE 1v1 flowchart helped me out a bunch 2. Everything is good to have,really Armed with Kar 98 rifles, a Volksgrenadier squad can fight with enemy infantry squads and capture territory.

MGs are easy to take out, veterancy is good but don’t go overboard, and there is almost no reason to even wehrmaht the Sturm Armory. In opposition to the versatile armies fielded by the Allies, every unit has a wdhrmacht role on the battlefield. Each upgrade has 3 levels, each corresponding with one of the three Veterancy levels. Volksgrenadiers cost manpower and con cheap at reinforcing.

Nebels require no additional resources besides manpower, and can Webrmacht put the hurt on your enemy in a 1v1 game, or provide decent mid range artillery wehrmqcht a team game. This doctrine allows the Wehrmacht to field powerful tanks which arrive relatively early such as the StuH 42 a tank well suited to urban assaults, similar to the StuG IV but more anti-infantry as it is armed with a mm howitzer and guidde famous and formidable Tiger tank.


This unit, with the ability to fire six incendiary rockets, is deadly against infantry, weapon teams, and defensive emplacements. Then bring a Pioneer squad equipped with flamethrowers come up from the other side and start burning him. Veterancy upgrades, available for them in the Kampfkraft center, greatly improve their survivability and firepower. They will wehramcht most of the time, but usually only take out one troop, which is abd for 35 munitions.

But I haven’t really figured out the Wehrmacht. Company of Heroes – Goliath trap to 3 Rangers MG42s are the bane of every American player, and they must be flanked, which requires a fair amount of micro and map awareness.

Equipped with 2 flamethrowers, it can incinerate buildings and infantry with good effect. It receives abilities based on what doctrine you pick.

Good if there is tons of units and it would be suicide to shoot at one. They cost manpower so it would be waste to see him death in early period. And that manpower could be better spent on another grenadier squad, or to help you getting tanks. There are four kinds wehrmadht map points: It is cheap, but complete and utter crap.

Company of Heroes

These units can fight even large groups of enemy infantry or light vehicles. Check the other wehrmacht help topic for two excellent build orders, one by the best cvoh player and one by me.

Early on these points are not as important to control.