Coswin 7i is the new generation of asset and facilities management software – A COSWIN 7i is designed to meet the needs of different sized organisations. Mythos Brewery, the second largest brewer in Greece and member of the Carlsberg Group chooses Coswin 7i and Siveco Hellas for the. The company PEPSICO-IVI chooses SIVECO HELLAS and COSWIN 7i software to manage business processes of the department Vending.

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Share information at all levels of the business Access information without Coswin knowledge Csowin and consolidate your indicators across sites Manage your gateway after just two days of training Availability of approximately 40 reports Retain the history of your monthly reports Receive your alerts automatically.

Here below the examples for some of the new features:. Export of a transaction: Skip to main content.

Pepsico – IVI – Service Management with Coswin 7i

Maintenance functions are collaborative and interact with other specialised company applications, so they are an integral part of the global information system. Previous news Next news.

Inventory management Coswin 8i is for both single and multiple warehouses. Recognizing that different people have different needs and views, we are preparing similar articles from the perspective of IT managers and top managers.

Coswin Analyzer allows for the availability of indicators and dashboards without accessing Coswin. Coswin 8i enables companies to comply with the security and environmental legislation in force. Coswin 8i will coawin a lot of time on this, which can be reallocated to higher-value work both on customer and Siveco side! Products Coswin 8i Coswin Nom d.


Thanks to Coswin 8i, you can edit user-friendly reports to evaluate maintenance effectiveness and the status of your assets, it will help cozwin build a clear rationale for strategic and financial goals. Professional risk management and safety is at the heart of business concerns.

Easy integration of Coswin into your computer software. As usual, the software will be immediately available in Chinese and 15 other languages.

In fact, the software benefits from an innovative approach, combining performance, design, user friendliness and simplicity in a way that is natural for the user. Using mobile terminals, such as coswij and tablets, equipped with the Coswin Nom d solution, your warehouse managers and mobile maintenance technicians can operate independently of a Coswin connection, then when connectivity is available they can exchange information in real-time with Coswin databases.

Coswin 8i now comes with a comprehensive set of Helpdesk functionalities. Download the leaflet contact us. The Data Optimisation Interface replaces the former code by the new code in the database files, and in all the transactions using the former code. Easy integration into your information system Today maintenance processes can no longer be simply delegated to the factory or maintenance department level.

We are always pleased to receive phone call from our customers and to help them the coswinn we could. Coswin 8i has features to track allocations of EPI by technician and manage their condition and maintenance. You will therefore handle and manage your server.

Lean Manufacturing with CMMS COSWIN 7i in the beverage industry Mythos Brewery | Siveco Greece

This quotation must be submitted to the customer before realisation progress status. Follow us Twitter LinkeIn Viadeo.

Users can now be guided when they input information cowsin the system based on their own profile or information already available on the screen. On the functional side, the new version reflects major ongoing projects for the French Armed Forces army, navy, air force and more generally in the defense sector naval shipyards.


The 3 reasons maintenance managers enjoyed upgrading to Coswin 8i

Allows initialisation of a Coswin database from existing data Transfer of data saved 7o systems other than Coswin Protects earlier database coswkn Allows creation as well as updating of basic records Handles the basic records as well as the parameter tables: The goal is to guarantee equipment conformity, control measurement methods and capabilities, then handle divergences.

Several codes may be grouped under one code, the transactions are then also grouped. The reports are updated at regular intervals and cosswin be automatically sent by email. Wrongly formatted inputs are highlighted in red, masks force the user to input data according to the expected format AABB for instance. As a result Coswin 8i can be implemented in very different configurations, from the simplest to the most complex, in a local or an extended cowsin.

The Data Optimisation Interface controls the consistency of the data in order to avoid any recoding of errors. It enables item management for both stock and non-stock, repairable items, tools, reservations, outward and inward stock movements, direct orders and inventories in order to ensure parts availability at the right time and reduce surplus stocks.