Today, the mail man brought me a copy of “The CPHIMS Review Guide 2nd Edition – Preparing for Success in Healthcare Information and. Available in: Paperback. Whether you’re taking the CPHIMS exam, or simply want the most current and comprehensive overview in healthcare. There is no real single study guide for CPHIMS. This is probably . I got the 2nd edition of the HIMSS book and I’m utilizing the practice tests.

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I highly recommend that you take as many sample tests as you can. Chances are you can pass without it.

IntroductionChapter 2: The third and last blog will describe how my exam day went. So I studied my notebook on the plane while traveling on business, during idle times while running chores, lunch breaks, night time after I am done with the work orders for the day.

This greatly helps in retaining the material in your head. Then show up for the next round of beating. Guidr — it was an overkill. I will talk about this and my revied day on my next blog. I have not see the new version so I cannot comment.


I later realized that I editkon making mistake by answering the questions. This material is not available any more. Do not let it get to you. I agree with Sneh, this blog has been really helpful. I made condensed notes of the content that I did not know or thought was important.

I came up with the following strategies to meet these challenges. Any updates on federal policies and mandates show up here first.

I decided to just go through the ones I have answered so far and wait for the book. So my advice is evaluate your priorities and reasons carefully before you commit to a full-time life-long Healthcare IT career. Reiew used the blank sides of paper recycled from junk mail and used printer paper at home.

Taking The CPHIMS Exam: How I prepared myself

First, this was a very good book. But I decided that I have spent enough money already. Do I have to pass the assessment before I can be registered for the actual exams? After you filled out the application for the exam.


Taking The CPHIMS Exam: How I prepared myself

This is probably because the syllabus is pretty broad and can get deep in certain areas. I put higher priority on preparedness than on my wits. Answer the questions slowly and carefully. I wrote down each question in my notebook. Take a break for a couple of days. I recycled a slightly used composition book for my note book see picture on left. Second, it was too dense and long pages for me to finish within a reasonable time.

But this is not an easy exam and you may end up failing it. Then I thought hard, consulted my notebook, researched the Internet to answer the question.

There are two ways. Momentrix reviews scared me.