A more advanced version has been developed by Derek Rake which has been expanded by his followers into what’s knownas the. Fractionation Formula. throughout your day. Paul told Timothy, “Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all thi The Player’s Guide – Forbidden Seduction. Many years later, the fractionation technique was developed by John Grinder. Derek Rake perfected the method during the ‘s and then released a course .

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Download the Fractionation Action Checklist and get one extra Mind Control technique not found in this article. But really, who gives a shit?

This bond encourages her to open up to you, which is vital to the second step. Fractionation has always been a hush-hush technique. Download my Fractionation Checklist here. Think back to fractiontion time when you felt particularly depressed or sad? Since when is feminist stuff evil?

A word of advice, though—the Fractionation Seduction is highly effective, but at the same time, highly dangerous, when placed in the wrong hands. This looks really like magic. Table of Contents 1 Fractionation Formula: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Like all other Mind Control techniques, Fractionation is as manipulative as it gets. This technique is nothing but a form hypnosis.


Fractionation Seduction Guide™ – How To Get Any Girl To Like You

Here are some sample Fractionation hypnosis scripts which you can use:. And by the sixth visit usually, I could put them under my spell at the snap of a finger. In regards to seduction, fractionation is a combination of psychology, hypnosis, and persuasion. Instead try to strike up a normal conversation, tell a joke, or open with the cheesiest pickup line you can think of.

Fractionation Seduction Guide™ – How To Get Any Girl To Like You

And to the guys who are reading this: To be happy, women are naturally hardwired in their brain to want to be subservient to a man. Now, to start you off on the right foot on using Mind Control to attract women, attend this online Masterclass conducted by Derek Rake founder of the legendary Shogun Rae —.

Download the Fractionation Action Checklist here. Tell me how it damaged you.

How did that make you feel? And you know what… when a female goes through an emotional roller coaster, her mind automatically ASSUMES an emotional connection with the story and the storyteller.

Fractionation Seduction Technique – Use At Your Own Risk

Please tell me so that I can tell my therapist how to However, the reality is that this technique is neither good nor bad. October 29, at 5: Can I just make a beat and try to use the feelings and vibes these beats give off as an emotional rollercoaster? The basic process can be broken down into three steps: For more information on how to use this technique to seduce women, click here for a free video guide.


My life has raje hell since I was 12 back in How many times you need to do it is individual. Then, feel the build-up of excitement inside you, and let that feeling overwhelm you.

Now here, Is it possible for a person to fractionate people at rakee same time. I was dozing back to sleep until he whacked my head with his plastic Katana.

If this is the case, I want you to stop reading at this fractiomation and leave this website. He used this stuff on me and messed up my mind.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I am in the UK. Get an exclusive invite to Derek Rake’s online Masterclass by entering your best email address below.

How does a women recover from this type of mental abuse? June 11, at