0, Wanted: Rules and Reference sheet. by D HELLCustom Wed Apr 6, am. 0. Wed Apr 6, am. by D HELLCustom. 0, Reference sheet. Dungeonquest Catacombs (Based on a BRIA AB expansion) allows players to explore the tunnels and catacombs below the dungeon within Dragonfire. The catacombs are only accessible from the lowest floor. or adjacent rooms, depending on your game rules), they can choose to trade items.

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This is a total revamp of Dungeonquest with Catacombs. Sign in Already have an account? Room Cards You must take a Room card from the top of the deck whenever you eater a new tile, unless it is a Special tile and its special rules tell you otherwise. Since each player begins at a different edge of the urles, each player’s passageways will be different as well with interaction between players generally being indirect.

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A character may not move and catacomns in the same turn. At the start of the game, one of the plastic tokens is placed on the highest numbered space of the track.

This lot is for a used set of classic Dungeonquest ‘monster’ cards. Skip to main content. In the villages that huddle in its shadow, stories are whispered of the fabulous treasures which fill the castle’s dungeons, and of the things which guard them. In other words, you ‘step over’ the arrow to enter the tile.

Dungeonquest: Catacombs | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Dungeonquest is unusual in that the game board is only revealed as play progresses. The wikipedia articles should provide a good insight. Should you go round dungepnquest portcullis or try to lift it?


Curse of the Wizard: Each of these characteristics is rated with a number on the character sheet – the higher the better. Any results of less than 0 are treated as 0. Instead, the tile is immediately routed through degrees, and your turn is over.

Section 7 covers this topic. Dungeonquest Room cards x I’ll do a PDF or two for all that new stuff of mine too. Golden Guineas or Necklace: The cards are returned to the bottom dungeonquezt their respective decks, and your turn is over.

In my experience, the dungeon is just a bit too lethal. Next, each player rolls the D The player on his right then takes one, and so on until each player has a Magical Ring counter. We will do our level best to resolve any discrepancies. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

Revised Loot and Bartering This extension requires changing loot cards into not just being a random trinket with an attached gold value, but potentially also being valueable items with consequences in the game.

Consequently, it is very important that player’s character is not affected by hardware or connection failures, i. If you return to the same room later, you may search it again, for up to two successive turns. If you use the ring you do not have to take a Door card or make a Strength roll.

Put the black plastic token on the ‘0’ space dungronquest the track on the right of the board, and put the yellow dungepnquest token beside the board for now.

Next turn, roll D12 again – if you roll your Agility score or less you can climb out, returning this card to the bottom of the Room deck and taking your tum as normal; if not, try again next turn.

He may fire at either time at both, or at dubgeonquest, but he may not loose more than two arrows in any combat. Online Multiplayer Capabilities To allow more players to actually play the game, it should be possible to play it online.


If you draw a ‘Dead Adventurer’ Room card, you may search the body if dungeonquestt want to. If the room you enter has a Monster in it, you may not try to escape.


Instead, a Hero in the Catacombs must draw a Catacomb card at the dungeonqjest of each of his turns. The effect is the same though: If only one card says ‘Door Opens’, you must follow the instructions on the other.

Please see the wiki for a full explanation of the rules. Every character has to have his own unique table for shooting, etc. In all, the game contains room tiles. You also lose D12 Life Points to the Dragon’s fiery breath.

You can move into the Treasure Chamber just as if it were a Room tile. If you entered the tile through a Door, you may escape without having to draw dungeonqeust Door card.

The goal of this project is to design, but not implement, a computerised version of the game DungeonQuest. Trading happens through a two-phase proposal: If you manage to get a second Kill result with a second arrow, then the Champion of Chaos is dead.

To fight the spider, pick three numbers out loud and then roll a D6. You can carry on doing this each turn until you decide to leave the Treasure Chamber or you wake the Dragon.

Special tile types are as follows:.