EMAKO BLUE is a strong second novel for Brenda Woods and a worthy follow-up to her award-winning debut, THE RED ROSE BOX. Emako is. The Paperback of the Emako Blue by Brenda Woods at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Readers can become immersed not only in the story of Emako’s short life, but that of Monterey, her middle-class friend; Jamal, a “player” with.

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Booklist Review

She was Savannah’s rival, the one who wouldn’t play by the rules. Emako was looking forward to a bright future.

Then the book flashes back by using alternating POV points of view. I would promote this book by focusing on the grieving aspect with hopes that it will make it bblue the hands of a teen who is facing tragedy and not sure how to deal with it.

Everyone is devastated, even Savannah, and must cope with the loss.

She just had all the wrong connections and hung around the wrong people. This story was written from different point of views from Emako’s best friend Monterey, Eddie who was a friend of hers and also Monterey’s crush, Savannah who never really liked Emako and there was also Jamal who was willing to end his player-ways to be wit Emako Blue was supposed to be a superstar.

As soon as I picked up, I knew it might be one of the first books I ever cried over. She was the best singer anyone had ever heard, with a voice like vanilla incense, smoky and sweet. Eddie and Emako are keenly aware of how difficult blie can be; both live in South Central L.

This is a really good book and it makes you feel like you really know the characters and make good connections with them.

She was Monterey’s best friend. Woods, Brenda Brenda A. Savannah is the miserable rich girl, creating drama in hopes of gaining the attention she’s denied at home. Confidence was all around her and I took some of it with me when Mr. I was interesting in so many ways and I got so attach to all the characters that at then end it felt like I knew exactly how they all felt. But, all the problems had started for Emako when her brother, Donte, comes back from jail.


In this book the quote “My friend was supposed to be a superstar” drew me in. It broke into pieces. I hope this answered your question. You emao also relate this book to the society today. However, one day something tragic happens to Emako Blue that no one will never ever forget! Emako Blue was a powerful girl that showed besides living in a broken down house and with no money you can still be happy with what you have.

I would recommend this book to any middle school student, especially those who have tough lives. She was kind of tall, with a tight body like boue video freak.

Emako Blue by Brenda Woods | : Books

Apr 02, Christine Kloss rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 14, Alan rated it it was amazing. She is the award-winning author of several books for young readers: Woods did it right! Jun 10, Ekako Aldea rated it it was amazing. And in the telling, those four repeatedly reveal themselves and facets of their city at least as much as they shed light on their beautiful, dead friend.

She talks drama, relationships and high school in the story. So, that the reader gets to know the perspectives of the main characters of the story.

Beleive me you emakp want to put this book down for not even one second! A lot of talent scouts wanted her to sign record deals, but her told her to turn them down so she can finish her school.


Why do such disproportionate numbers of young urban males become members of gangs, obtain firearms, and end up murdering each other and innocent bystanders on a daily basis? Her friend Monterrey, Jamal and Savannah all attend. This short, succinct, and poignant story of friendship, family, and overwhelming sadness will leave some readers in tears. And of course,Emako Blue. This is a story of teenagers dealing with the death of one of their classmates. I think this book will be enjoyed by many young readers, however some readers may find it confusing because it keeps jumping back and forth between characters and the reader really has to pay attention to the different story lines.

Even so, many teens will want this for the wrenching story and for the young, up-to-the-minute African American voices that, like the characters in Janet McDonald’s novels, ask honest questions about friendship, race, love, and how best to navigate dangerous neighborhoods, self-absorbed parents, and their own flaws–and realize their dreams.

It would be great as part of a unit on identity. The best part was I think is that Emako herself never had her own voice in the story which makes her seem like a legend.

EMAKO BLUE by Brenda Woods | Kirkus Reviews

Emako Blue is about five characters who were very close friends. The ending of this book made me extremely sad emaako i started crying very much.

Jamal, and Savannah wants to finish high school and move on. I ran my tongue over my braces. Everyone who had their own …more I believe all the children who had emao to do with Emako which would of course be Eddie,Monterey,Jamal,and Savahnna.