Fitoterapia. Apr;73(2) Antimicrobial activity of Eupatorium ayapana. Gupta M(1), Mazumder UK, Chaudhuri I, Chaudhuri RK, Bose P, Bhattacharya. How Ayapana is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Names of Ayapana. Botanical Name. Eupatorium Triplinerve, Eupatorium Ayapan. General Information. Symbol: EUTR4. Group: Dicot. Family: Asteraceae. Duration : Perennial. Growth Habit: Forb/herb. Subshrub. Native Status: PR I VI I.

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Past and Present in the Reconstruction of Hindu Science, — This plant has long slender leaves which are often used to make a stimulating medicine. Jahresbericht der pharmacie [Annual report of the pharmacy].

Yet, despite the generous support from Sir Charles Pardey Lukis, the director general of Indian Medical Services, his book eupaorium unsold. This latter tradition was much less disciplined, and its transmission routes, locations, and narrative content were much less stable. Views Read Edit View history. Digital Flora of Taiwan.

Antimicrobial activity of Eupatorium ayapana.

The herb is stimulant, tonic in small doses and laxative when taken in quantity. Bose, while an even smaller corpus has looked at the cul- tural politics of imperial botany Arnold—75; Lourdusamy—43; Nandy17— You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses eupatoriium or your use.

How much do you charge for a kilo. Consultation with a Healthcare Professional is must before use. Flora of New Zealand.

Ayapana Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

He first posed the question with regard to retro-diagnostic claims that the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II died of tubercu- losis Latour Ayapana l eaves contain naturally occurring coumarins with qyapana blood thinning and anti-coagulant effect. Yet, when scholars gloss discussions of plants with botanical names, they overlook both the complicated ways in which scientific knowledge has been vali- dated, and indeed, its historical specificities.


Fresh leaves are used by the Marma for cut and stomachache. Unable to find the exact medicine and eager to get back before dawn when the medicine would become redundant, Hanuman, it is said, brought the entire mountain back with him.

These have included a large number of studies on plant transfers, networks of knowledge, the politics of circulation, and so on Arnold ; Brockway ; Chakrabarti ; Desmond ; Drayton ; Endersby ; Headrick ; Jardine, Secord, and Spary ; Noltie; Philip ; Raj ; Scheibinger The following other wikis use this file: The leaves contain an essential oil and the coumarinsayapanin and ayapinstigmasterolesculetin methylene ether the Methylene ether of esculetinvitamin C and carotene.

History and the Present. Hi, Please let me know how I can purchase Ayapana tea from you. Carol Appadurai Breck- enridge, — More importantly, many though not all of these studies, willingly or not, fall prey to the very tendency of retro-botanizing that I am trying to problematize. This is an informative website. Instead of trying to distinguish these pasts ontologically, I argue that it is more productive to see specific pasts in relation to the sorts of futures they produce, that is, their respective historicities.

What has remained somewhat obscure, however, is the nature of the medicine that he sought. Comments and suggestions made on both occasions were most helpful in developing the argument. Retrieved 14 December Supatorium exactly and by what process were the two identities—Vishalyakarani and E. Epub Mar Bhattacharya ; Chatterjee ; Nandy ; Pandeyand a more histori- cally sensitive and critical approach to distinctive forms of temporality Ali ; Rao, Shulman, and Subrahmanyam PDF accessed Ayapanx 25, University of Chicago Press.

  IEC 61094-2 PDF

Ayapana Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Ayapana triplinervis Vahl R. Folkloric – In the Philippines ,Bruised leaves used for cleaning surfaces of foul smelling ulcers. So powerful was this cluster of ideas and arguments around econ- omic drain, the need for scientific study of indigenous drugs, and its potential ayapqna national uplift, that even M.

In one of several papers published by the group over the next decade, eupatorkum group clearly stated that while the E. It was perhaps as much ayspana the influence of such arguments as through the chan- ging fashions of the scientific world and the rapid Indianization of the scientific establish- ment in post-WWI India that scientific interest in indigenous drugs grew exponentially.

Histories from the Deccan, eds. It then developed a theme which, though mentioned by Basu too, was more redolent in the late s—that of potential financial savings for both the nation and the family.