The Gracie Combatives course is comprised of 36 lessons covering the core techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Completion of the lessons and mastery of the. Please indicate if you also have other bjj training. I’m interested in the combatives stuff and just want to hear some opinions. Little Champs (ages ) | Tuesday and Thursday | pm. Jr. Grapplers ( ages ) | Monday and Thursday | pm. Combatives (Beginner Adults) .

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Against someone who knows BJJ some of the Combatives work Trap and Rollothers become irrelevant punch block seriesand other still will not work on them at all this version of elevator combtives. There is no time for that in class usually.

Nov 26, Messages: Aug 4, Messages: The KJul 24, The journey from white to blue is got to be one of the most injury prone periods in jiu jitsu because you really do not know how to roll safely at combaives and you do not know your own limits. That would make you much more likely to continue your journey in jiu jitsu. In my experience you are usually exposed to too many techniques in too short a period to really learn much or build any reflexes.

I think that it is what really sets this martial art aside from others. Jul 20, Messages: Nov 1, Messages: They cover all the most common mistakes, etc. I was like, ok I think it is an excellent addition to a white belts arsenal.

My Experience with both Gracie Combatives and Sport BJJ

I’m glad I go to a school that teaches sport and self defense BJJ so I don’t have to deal with this crap haha. How graciie have had to quite completely.

SuperSuperRamboJul 25, GC seems like it would be good for girlfriends or kids to comfortably learn some basics in a home environment, but would be rather useless as a supplement to real training. I feel that this is a really inefficient way of learning.


CommissarJul 25, Saying instructionals are detailed enough to learn a technique without an instructor is like saying I could go into my BJJ class, learn the tech from my teacher and just begin repping it out no problem without help. Discussion in ‘ Grappling Technique ‘ started by PotentialJul 24, Though right now at GB premiun, rookies are not suppous to roll gdacie 3 or 4 months Do you already have an account? Vitamin CJul 25, They spend as much as 30 minutes to one hour combatibes a single lesson including explanation, demonstration, details, and drills.

Teachers walk around the class and answer the constant questions about things that people are having trouble with, or even pointing out the mistakes people are making, after having just seen the tech up close in person. Everyone can walk away unscathed usually and do it comgatives the next day.

In my opinion it is very hard to pick up “clean” technique in a school. A lot of this doesn’t combxtives my personal experience in training. It is great and for BJJ quite detailed, but not nearly as detailed as the Combatives.

I thought I would share my experiences and opinion since periodically someone will come on the board, ask questions, and get some very one sided answers from people who really have no experience with both.

Aug 30, Messages: If the one huge selling point is that Grace Combatives focuses on drilling crisp techniques, I have to tell you comabtives there are plenty of “sport” BJJ schools that focus on drilling crisp techniques; give you time to co,batives the techniques; teach you solid, useful BJJ technique; and allow you to roll each class.

They both have different purposes. Dead reps, situation sparring, etc will all help more than just sparring. Some people my not believe this, but just think about graciie for a minute. No, create an account now. McA and Coconutwater like this. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Schedule|Pricing – Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Yracie has gone through a metamorphosis and has been adapted to fit the current competition environment. They are not meant for sport competition, but they are still the combztives Gracie techniques as taught by Helio not all of them, 36 of them to be exact. Dec 8, Messages: Yes, my password is: It could be that you just found a club which doesn’t drill much. Of course, but their are techniques in the Combatives that are more effective in this very specific situation.

You wrote this article to make yourself feel better about training at a combatives school because you have been getting womped on at tournaments by “sport bjj” players. I’m glad I go to a school grafie teaches BJJ, period, that I’ve used literally dozens of times in self combativew and succeeded well in tournaments using. Knowing something than nothing is better, and GC will fill the gap if real BJJ school is out of reach.

Once you reach a certain level and know and understand the basics of jiu jitsu, then you can probably learn a great deal on your own with the instructionals and make them work for you without a coach.

This makes everyone happier. I love the sparring.