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Of course, Glory can go down as well as up, and gain such an infamous reputation that he is a Wanted man or even gains an Enemy who wants him dead!

It’s lighter in tone than either Sundered Skies or Hellfrost, and the plot point campaign is superb. It seems like Hellfrost is pretty well filled out and the magic system might be pretty fun to play out.

From the snow-shrouded wastes of the High Winterlands to the relatively warm hills of the southern Hearthlands, this book covers every realm and major settlement, plus numerous sites of adventure. Saturday, 19 May Cold, Grim Fantasy. Accompanying this richness is a grim and gritty feel, one that again shows in the setting and its encroaching apocalypse, in its character options, and to an extent in the rules for magic and the weather.

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Hellfrost | Triple Ace Games

I like low magic and earth-like but I’m not a huge fan of Conan the Barbarian. From the frozen far north, beyond the civilized lands with their rolling hills and forests, arose a mighty army of frost giants, ice devils, Hellfrost dragons, and tpg orcs, servants all of the ice god Thrym.


In game terms, any time that a one is rolled on the arcane skill die, The Siphoning occurs with effects ranging from the caster being simply Shaken — at best, or Fatigued and losing the use of his powers for a day, to at worst, being Wounded and losing his powers for days or even permanently losing part r;g his magical ability. A world of adventure at your fingertips! First, whilst it is fantasy RPG that draws on European roots, those roots are not atypical fantasy, for setting can be best described as a pre-apocalyptic, Helflrost European set fantasy.

Elves are generally racist imperialistic slavers, dpg of the gods of the pantheon are not quite sane, and gold is worth less than the good stout chest it’s found in.


North of the Icewall, an army of coldfire-breathing Rlg dragons, frost giants, coldfire elementals, and orcs swept away numerous, but now forgotten civilisations whose lands lie under deep under snow and glacial ice. Do you dare to tread the same path as them? Resources Find the right game for you! To be honest, this is just another element that brings Rassilon to life and the book includes a pronunciation guide.

After reading up on it more, it seems a bit more interesting and varied. This supplement for the Hellfrost setting details the entire continent of Rassilon. Nevertheless, their indomitable spirit sees them withstand all of the jibes that come with such a reputation.

Character creation more or less follows the standard pattern for Savage Worlds. The art of creating magic items is one that has been lost following the rise of the Hellfrost, but the Reliquary would rather ensure that the remaining relics never fell into the hands of the enemy than see it be used against the enemy.


Displaying 1—2 of 2. Maybe Sundered Skies is for you then, I think it had a one or two other supplements don’t quote me on that but is mostly doable in that one-shot purchase and read.

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The region guides aren’t that big, only about 12 pages each. I supported because… “The BruSteve chimera is an abomination! What sort you ruler you will be? These are not the only forms of magic in Rassilon, for Alchemy gpg also studied, as is Hedge Magic and Herbalism.

Both are natural magic rather than arcane or divine magic. Armor icy skinEnvironmental Protection against cold onlySmite icicles grow from hands or a held weaponand speed ice-shod feet — all from Frigid Form Spells: Huge swathes rpv the land of Rassilon are permanently covered in ice and snow, and even the temperate lands helldrost not helkfrost the misery of failed harvests, deadly winters, and the dreaded Hellfrost wind.

The effect of The Siphoning is to make casting spells anything other than an easy choice, even though all arcanists are free to cast as many spells as they would want. Halfway, where money can buy power and influence, and where having the right clothes is as important as having the right contacts. More importantly for paladins and priests, the description includes the sins that in committing would cause either to lose their Powers.

Falling overboard often means insta-death, too. Submit a new link.