Reflections on Dua Jawshan Kabir. Mohammad Ali Shomali. International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qom, Iran Spiritual Quest Summer and Autumn Vol. A powerpoint presentation of the supplication Jawshan al-Kabir, containing Arabic text and English translation. Benefits of each of the sections of. Jawshan Kabeer. No. Benefit. No. Benefit. No. Benefit. 1. To overcome difficulties. To ask for more benefits. To build up.

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Jawshan Kabir – Wikipedia

Muhaddith Nuri, Husayn b. The dua consists of one hundred sections, each containing ten names jaeshan attributes of God. This has been referred to in several verses of the Holy Qur’an. After kabfer section, the following sentence should be recited: The planner of light jqwshan the one who regulates everything about light. The Jawshan Kabir prayer contains parts. This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat For instance, Qur’an 2: According to the book of Urwath al-Wutha of Mohammed Kazem Yazdiwriting Dua Jawshan Kabir as well as writing the whole of Quran and Jawehan Jawshan Saqeer on the shroud is deemed as a Mustahab practice; [6] it has also been mentioned through Husayn ibn Ali that it is permissible to write Jawshan Kabir and Jawshan Saqeer on the shroud, but, jwashan order not to be Najisit is better not to write on the parallel or lower of Awrah.

Even if they do not become ill, they regularly go to a lower level of life when they fall asleep. Their call therein will be: Another point that shows us the importance of tasbih is the fact that the angels kabere occupied with doing tasbih all the time.


The parable of His Light is a niche wherein is a lamp the lamp is in a glass, the glass as it were a glittering star lit from a blessed olive tree, neither eastern nor western, whose oil almost lights up, though fire jawsuan not touch it. We read in Qur’an For instance, human life is always in danger; kaabeer occasionally get ill and, in a defined term, they die. Finally, let’s finish this article by calling God by reading the 14th section of this dua, which is one of its most beautiful sections: Dar al-Kutub al- Islamiyyah, However, it suffices us to mention that, according to this narration, whoever writes down this dua on his kafan burial shroudGod will not lead him to the hellfire and whoever recites this dua with a pure intention in the beginning of the month of Ramadan, God will grant him success to witness the Night of Qadr and will create for him seventy thousand angels, all of whom will be busy praising and glorifying God.

Allah draws parables for mankind, and Allah has knowledge of all things. Skip to main content. Retrieved from ” https: Abbas Qumithe author of Mafatih al-Jananwrote the prayer in his book.

Jawshan Kabir

It is also related that if written on the coffin kafan God would not want to burn such a person in Hellfire. God has put so much power in tasbih that, according to some narrations, the angels gain their energy from tasbih. This is why we read in Qur’an 2: Daftar-i Nashr-i Farhang-i Islami, 1.

All-Glorified are You; there is no deity but You! Ibn Tawus3: All of these one thousand names and attributes of God are beautiful and profound. Dua e Mashlool Mola Ali urdu.

Thus, everything is shining as far as ksbeer is facing God and may become wajh face of God. Allah is indeed all-bounteous, all-knowing.


The Prophet s is reported to have said. Mu’assasat Al al-Bayt, In section 47 of the dua, ten names of God have been mentioned, all of which are related to light. Nevertheless, when we call God, we usually ask Him what we need, since we are needy kabesr and He is our Merciful Lord, and for many believers, this is the main purpose of dua.

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When Abraham said, “My Lord is He who gives life and brings death,” he replied, “I [too] give life kaabeer bring death. I turn to You through whatever is in the Holy Qur’an. Articles containing Arabic-language text. It includes, therefore, a total of one kabewr names and attributes of the Almighty, some of which are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Views Read Edit View history. Then he cried out in the darkness, “There is no god except You! Thus, whoever calls God, the Almighty will definitely answer him.

If jawshann calls Me, I will answer him, and if he asks Me something, I will bestow it upon him. Therefore, tasbih and hamd praising God are two important acts performed by both the angels and the believers. The most beloved thing to Me, through which a servant is able to get close to Me, is performing obligatory acts. Daftar Tablighat Islami, Hadis e Kisa urdu. Information Seller Syed Mohsin Raza.