Loving Julia by Karen Robards – book cover, description, publication history. Read a free sample or buy Loving Julia by Karen Robards. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. What I liked: Robards did her research into the era and gets the Victorian Who could not love Jewel, aka Julia, as she fights to survive and the.

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I miss them in her new books. Perhaps it’s the s HR sensibility — Julia’s seventeen, and Sebastian is well into his thirties.

Then, he abruptly leaves her only to later decide he must have her, so he tries to set her up as his new mistress. She declines in anger which I liked but then she allowed him to seduce her again. She then gets a summons to London. Description Seventeen-year-old Jewel Combs is not a lady. Also a lot of dropped plot threads or plots that just fizzled. That was just swept under the rug quickly and solved awfully conveniently.

Appraising her with his ice blue eyes, he wondered if it might be amusing to polish her into a lady, call her Julia Stratham There was potential for great angst, but it just fell short.

Loving Julia : Karen Robards :

Basically, there is no inner struggle in the H, he really does hate her, then, looving a switch is thrown, and he’s like, nope, I love you, forgive me, almost at the very end??? I like to read the early books by an author who is new to me, and the author’s web site said that “everyone loves this one,” so I gave it a try.

Cold, aloof, breathtakingly handsome, Sebastian, Earl of Moorland, is the head of that family, and when widowed Jewel belligerently presents herself to him as his newest relative his inclination is to throw her back out on the streets.


One of ju,ia best books I have ever read I would say.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. A cold Earl becomes her protector and much more than she ever expected. I do not even know where to start with this review. Eh but the girl is tstl sometimes. I have never read from rags to riches romance.

Also, the time spent where he was giving her ‘lady’ lessons was barely written about, then, they were lovers, then, he starts kren her karne almost the entire end half of the book, she puts up with it because she loves him, then, he admits she wasn’t a whore, then, he thinks she tricked him again and goes back to hating her, basically treats her like shit, but in the end, all is forgiven because he says I’m sorry.

She didn’t know why blue-blooded Sebastian had accepted the challenge to transform her from a diamond in the rough into a glittering gem. I wish she would write more historicals but of this caliber and not like her last historical, Shameless.

Loving Julia

Then a dying gentleman looked at her topaz eyes and still untouched innocence and weds her to torment his aristocratic family with a final, scandalous joke after his death. Moorland then takes over her education and over the next few months a genuine friendship develops between the two. Grand Central PublishingMar 15, – Fiction – pages.

This is my third Karen Robards book and I loved it. More by Karen Robards. There were many twists and turns and I was never bored. My first book was a ten-page effort written at age five for my grandmother. Click I Have iTunes to open it now. I read this one years ago and I recall how un-pc it is and quite the bodice ripper.


Basically he intends to install her there and doesn’t even ask her first. I lost track of how many times he called her a whore, and this was even AFTER her knew she had been a virgin when he first had her, so???

Oct 10, Christine rated it liked it.

She is a guttersnipe living hand-to-mouth on London’s mean streets when she meets a dying man who marries her to robagds his aristocratic family. It’s seems that it’s ok to be accessory to murder as long as you’re still a virgin. She just can’t control her traitorous body. He was an ass in the beginning but finding out about his backstory, I liked the character better. Pretty good for a historical jjlia. Rescused by marriage A robbery gone wrong gives new life to a young woman trying to survive in Whitechapel.

Julia is over powered and in desperation roards that if Carlyle thinks she is beginning to co-operate, she will get a chance to escape. She seems to know instinctively our most secret thoughts and the dreams up the perfect scenario to give them free rein. But Sebastian, Earl of Moorland, found nothing humorous in the cheeky young widow’s claims on his cousin’s inheritance, or in the smoldering sensuality of this rough Jewel. The next day Julia is full of love for Moorland and is hopeful for the future.

I guess I like these old-scool books.