Complete summary of John Dryden’s Mac Flecknoe. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Mac Flecknoe. Dive deep into John Dryden’s Mac Flecknoe with extended analysis, commentary , and discussion. Mac Flecknoe is the finest short satirical poem in which Dryden has treated Thomas Sahdwell with humorous contempt. Mac Flecknoe is both a personal and .

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Preview — Mac Flecknoe by John Dryden. But with the help of those who pity her—including a river god—she achieves success. In his sinister 56 hand, instead of ball There thou may’st wings display and altars raise84 And torture one poor word ten thousand ways. He advises him to advance ignorance and to promote dullness. On his head is a wreath of poppies the source of opium, an addictive drug which Shadwell used. Meanwhile, Cupid can no longer endure separation from his beloved and asks Jupiter for help.

Mac Flecknoe

After his father hohn, Ascanius inherited his father’s kingdom. Dryden used the tool of Mock Heroism where there is a travesty of literary style and conventions of an epic in order to bring about a ridiculous mockery of someone whom the poet disapproves.

Perhaps this is not the edition which I read but this was my first time reading a satire. The word august uh GUST means to inspire reverence and awe. While searching for him, she encounters Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and fertility. In Dryden’s poem, buskins symbolizes stage tragedies. Among his sons, Shadwell is the fittest for he resembles fledknoe most in dullness.


Woolen or partly woolen fabric used to make clothing. Later, her sisters give her bad advice. Written aboutbut not published until see in poetry”Mac Flecknoe” is the outcome of a series of disagreements between Thomas Shadwell and Dryden. The first two lines set the pattern.

A wind carries his royal robe upward, and it falls upon the shoulders of the new King of Nonsense—Shadwell, Mac Flecknoe. But Shadwell never wrote flfcknoe line that made xryden sense. Hilarious and indicative of England’s politics and literary culture during the Restoration.

Thoughtless as monarch oaks, that shade the plain, And, spread in solemn state, supinely reign. The elderly king, Flecknoe. In some plays in the Dryden-Shadwell era, authors arranged short and long lines of verse to resemble the shape of objects such as wings or altars. For a complete discussion of meter in poetry and verse, click here.

Mac Flecknoe by John Dryden: Summary

Building or group of buildings. Summary Absalom and Achitophel: Refresh and try again. Introduction Biography of John Dryden bachelorandmaster.

Catherine rated it it was ok Sep 19, Deborah rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Hand used to beat out the drydn of verse in the same way that one would beat thresh grain from husks. Shadwell and Dryden were separated not only by literary grounds but also by political ones as Shadwell was a Whigwhile Dryden was an outspoken supporter of the Stuart monarchy.

Ma this respect, he was not unlike Augustus Caesar, who became emperor of Rome when he, too, was a young. R Roy Chowdhury rated it liked it Jan 28, Text and Explanatory Notes.

Nikita rated it liked it Jul 10, Dryden also included occasional internal rhyme in the poem, as in the fleckjoe lines. Fables, Ancient and Modern Don’t let false friends make you think that you are carrying on in the tradition of Ben Jonson.


The poem illustrates the qualities of Dryden’s satire- the fund of truth at the bottom, the skillful adjustment of the satire so as to make faults of the merits which are allowed, the magnificent force and variety of the verse, and the constant maintenance of a kind of superior contempt never degenerating into mere railing or losing its superiority in petty spite.

In versification, an iamb is a metric foot consisting of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. Maxine Mathew rated it it was ok May 17, Nor let thy mountain belly make pretence Of likeness ; 77 thine’s a tympany 78 of sense.

Webarchive template wayback links. He then houses her in a palace as his wife but sleeps with her only in the darkness of night. John HeywoodEnglish author of interludes, which were humorous, witty, or moralistic dialogues recited on a stage before or after a play or during an intermission.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When the time comes for the aging king to select his successor, he chooses Thomas Shadwell. Bakers used book pages under pie crusts as we would use paper towels or napkins.

While on a sea voyage, he learned that sailors on the ship planned to rob and kill him.